Saturday, April 12, 2014


I have one - do you?

We've been married for about three years now.  No kids yet, though I expect that to change relatively soon.

It has been a great three years.  We have traveled, explored and adventured as well as any two people can reasonably expect to do.  I've seen and done things that were just part of silly childhood dreams, yet Timothy has made them a reality for me.

I still recall the night he proposed, when he got down on bended knee and presented me with the most amazing vintage engagement ring I think I had ever seen.  I was blown away.  Beautiful was the ring and the moment.

We had a grand wedding for our modest budget, and he has worked his tail off to make me the happiest woman I know.

With three years in, I am hoping for at least another 30 or 60.

Welcome to my new site!

I don't know about you, but I enjoy sitting in an overstuffed chair, near a picture window and reading a book.  I'll have a cup of my favorite Earl Grey next to me.  Sometimes, I will look up from my book and stare out over the field behind my house...and just think.

I'd like to make this site an extension of that thought process.  Something I can write down and refer back to in the years to come.  Something that I can use to refresh my mind on what my musings were of today.

You are all welcome to read, and even comment, if the mood so strikes you.  However, I want to keep things light.  I'd like to avoid any trolling or other ugliness that seems to have taken over the internet today.

I guess you would say, I just want to keep things civil.

So grab a cup of your favorite tea, and lets get down to some serious pondering.